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Binhi ng Buhay is not just a feeding program but also a values-formation project for the benefit of children in Barangay Real. Every Saturday, we host different topics that will better their understanding on life and we share them some real life challenges that will improve their personality and lifestyle as early as their ages.

Yesterday I had an opportunity to do a small talk for the BNB Kids. Since we celebrate LOVE MONTH during February, I took the chance to teach the kids about the essence of love and the ways on how to show their love for God, nation/country, family, other people and even to animals.

Three of these kids were asked about their understanding on love, I was truly overwhelmed that these little minds sometimes think deeper than the older ones. A little girl answered: “Ito po yung kahit nasasaktan ka dahil sa isang tao, hindi mo po ihihinto yung pagmamahal kahit po walang kapalit kasi love mo po siya..”, second kid uttered: “Kahit ayaw ko pong sundin ang utos ni Mama, susunod pa din po ako dahil mahal ko po ang mga magulang ko..”, last kid shared; “Ang love po ay pagtanggap sa isang tao kahit minsan nakakasakit at pangit po ang ugali..”

Upon hearing these answers from kids with ages 9, 11 and 12 years old, I was really amazed and this made me think of the true meaning of love. Today, allow me to share with you the top 6 Love Roles that I have encountered in my life.

Authentic love doesn’t call for a standard. If you really love someone, you will learn how to embrace all the flaws of that certain person. Remember, he/she can never be the person you admire without those imperfections. It’s a total package. Years ago, I have encountered these kids, they are not perfect because no one is, but as I go on and get to know them better, they become special part of my life, a very special part! I started learning to love them as who they really are. We can never say we love someone if we don’t accept their weaknesses and if we keep on changing them into another person. Genuine love embraces imperfections!

I used to spend most of my days with these naughty heads back when I was in college. We’ve been through all circumstances without losing each one of us. After we live our lives in college, we all separate ways. Due to the call of our different priorities in life, we lost time. I actually lost time. Honestly, I just accepted the fact that everything has changed. Unexpectedly after 4 years, our schedules finally met. Reminiscing every second that I had with them, I realized that authentic love waits. That if you have established the right relationship with the right people, nothing can cut the spark down. Why? Because authentic love can wait no matter how long it will be. It may take longer time but it will never affect the quality of relationship you have established. If there will be one thing that has changed over time, I guess it made our relationship stronger than before. Time and distance are best tandem to sharpen your love for the people you love. Genuine love waits!

I believe one of the roles of love is to sustain whatever you have in life. I’m very much thankful for having one of the best people in my life. We may be away and busy with our own lives most of the time but for every moment that life will require heavier loads of strength and motivations, he never fails to lend me a shoulder and ears even in the middle of his personal trials. I’m so much blessed to have this guy in my life! No matter what relationship you are in, the most important thing is both of you know how to support each other. Genuine love sustains your life motivations!

If you love someone, sometimes you tend to tolerate because you want them to feel that you understand them - but it’s not how it should be. True love may cover our weaknesses but it should not tolerate the wrong doings. Our family composes of different personalities. We may clash, fight, name it! I’m telling you. Haha! But seriously, I am very much blessed that this family still practices confrontation. If there’s something wrong, someone should stand and make a way for the good of everybody. Genuine love covers!

Whenever I deliver a speaking engagement, I always testify that I am so loved by God to have parents like my Mom and Dad. They were never perfect but they are the only ones perfectly matched for me, for my character, attitude and personality. Other people think that I was being strictly supervised by my parents’ decisions. Actually it’s not that way! For all the things I had in my life, whether it turned out success or disappointment, they never controlled me but they supported me so much in everything I did. Genuine love supports!

Of all the love roles that I have encountered, FORGIVENESS is what I like most. No one is perfect in this world but despite of all our committed sins, God never hesitated to forgive us everytime we commit mistakes. He is too perfect for the imperfect people but He keeps on embracing us. He keeps on forgiving us. Our part in return is to learn how to make our lives better and to learn from our mistakes. Just like in any relationship, if we truly love someone we have to forgive them. Even the perfect Creator has forgiven us. Who are we not to forgive others where in the first place we have been forgiven by God. Genuine love forgives!

These 6 love roles are just some of the many love roles we can discover in this world. Regardless of how many love roles we have encountered, the most important thing is to realize and experience the GENUINE LOVE that only God can give. Bear in mind that we cannot give something we don’t have. We cannot genuinely love somebody if we don’t know where to get that authentic love! 

So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him. 

~ 1 John 14:6 ~