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People nowadays are so good on taking care of their lives. PHYSICALLY speaking, they know how to dress themselves well. They even know what to eat and what not to eat. They can endure pain from working out just to get that ideal body. INTELECTUALLY speaking, to improve people’s thinking skill, they ask questions, read books, others pursue education and some take higher courses to educate themselves. SOCIALLY speaking, people love to engage themselves. They go and hang out with the people they want. EMOTIONALLY speaking, others take it into more serious level through committing in a relationship. 

As humans, we all know what are the personal needs that should be gratified. But do you know what's the saddest part of this? There are times that we neglect the most important aspect of our lives - our SPIRITUAL LIFE. No one is exempted here, even myself was guilty of this.

This is not a "RELIGION-ISSUE", it's a "RELATIONSHIP-ISSUE" with the One who created us, that One who has given us all the things we can boast in this life, that One who died on the cross and gave His son for all of us.

Spiritual life is often regarded as an “extra“ aspect of our lives, but realistically it’s the most precious of all. Why? Because it’s the only life aspect that lasts for eternal. After physical death, there comes the eternal life. Our life after physical death is the total sum of all the things that we have accomplished on earth. The big question is, what are we doing here on earth to deserve Heaven? We may have a good shape physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally but how about our spiritual body? Is it prepared enough? Is it well-conditioned when the right time comes?

As we go deeper, allow me to share with you the Life Impacts of Spiritual Detox. At the end of this write-up, we will understand what is Spiritual Detox, its purpose, benefits and how to detoxify the spiritual aspect of our lives.

It’s been 17 years since our family started organizing this Annual Summer Camp. As I look back, I was only 7 years old back then when I was exposed to this kind of activity. At first, I get excited because of the recreational activities and new faces that I will be encountering. However, I don’t understand every little thing we do by that time. But as I grow older my mind started asking why do we keep on doing this over and over again? 

Last Thursday (March 29, 2018), I was blessed to be part of this big event. It was really a remarkable experience to be given a chance to welcome our delegates for this year's Summer Camp. This 3-day event was set to hit all areas of life of an individual joining in this event. This aims to condition the delegates for a higher and purposive goal, which is the improvement of their spiritual lives. 

Do we really need to invest for our spiritual life?

The answer is definitely a “YES”. Spiritual Detox is one of the many spiritual investments that we should be taking to prepare our soul for eternal life. 

So WHAT IS SPIRITUAL DETOX? It’s an annual spiritual retreat that covers and hosts activities to gratify different areas of life: Physical, Intellectual, Social and Emotional for the benefit of one’s SPIRITUAL LIFE.


Let me share with you how Spiritual Detox helped me recover from all the TRIALS and CHALLENGES!

(1) Spiritual Detox will help you to REFLECT on your current life situation. There are times that we need to pause for awhile and assess the kind of life that we have. Is this really the life that we picture?

(2) Spiritual Detox will help you to RECHARGE your lost strength. As we face different life obstacles, little by little strength was being extracted to fulfill a certain life task. Is your strength still enough to conquer greater things in life? 

(3) Spiritual Detox will help you to RENEW your outlook in life. We may have different perspectives in life but not all the time we know what is the best for us. We don’t have to settle on permissive will when His perfect will is shown to us.

What if I give it a try, what can I benefit from it?

For the past 17 years of my life, I was not exempted to experience trials and hardships in life. My life may not be perfect as how people see it but one thing is for sure, whenever I feel down I never get lost on the track of life because Spiritual Detox has been a special part of my life! This time, I want to share with you the benefits of it as I have experienced it for more than half of my life!

(1) Spiritual Detox improves your MIND:

- It tracks your goal straight.

- It clears your preoccupied mind.

- It widens your personal perspective.

(2) Spiritual Detox improves your HEART:

- It provides you inner joy.

- It gives you inner peace.

- It restores your passion.

(3) Spiritual Detox improves your BODY:

- It supplies double portion of strength.

- It teaches you to overcome physical weaknesses.

- It challenges you to step out of your comfort zone.

(4) Spiritual Detox improves your SOUL:

- It helps you discover your eternal purpose.

- It saves you from the unexpected risks.

- It realigns your desire to God’s will.


Summing up, we don’t need for annual summer camps to be spiritually detoxified. 

If you feel the need for it, just (1) LOOK FOR A PLACE WHERE THERE IS NO DISTRACTION - a place where you can express yourself freely. Then (2) REFRAIN FROM DOING YOUR EVERYDAY ROUTINE. Take a moment to separate yourself from the busyness of life for you to see clearly your personal life condition. (3) BE 101% HONEST TO YOURSELF. Start assessing yourself with all honesty and transparency, crash down your pride! (4) DON’T RUSH, take enough time to reflect and open the doors for change. And lastly, (5) PUT EVERYTHING INTO ACTION.